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Steel Truss


Steel Truss

Why I chose to design this house in steel, in a word, is for its reliability. In addition to steel’s high strength and durability, advances in steel processing technologies have enabled the free transformation of steel and high-precision steel manufacturing. These advances have made it possible to produce architectural fittings in factories, just like other products. Moreover, when one considers the cost and quality of steel, the way it simplifies on-site work, there is no doubt in my mind that it is the best, most trustworthy building material overall.
In the future, I would like to design a building in steel that is not restricted by conventional columns and beans—a building liberated from structure. I am intrigued by the unlimited possibilities of experimental buildings that utilize monocoque designs and those that create large spaces using curved surface seen in boats, cars, and other vehicles. On the other hand, while I acknowledge that steel is a cool, inorganic material, I would like to use it to create space that escapes that establish a connection between nature and our five senses.

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Steel Truss
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