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Float House


Float House

This project site was originally two separate cultivation land of 330m2 and 198m2 that were later developed for housing lots. I have planned the housing part on one side and the garage part on the other. Consequently, I have succeeded in designing a rural house where modernity and tradition coexist.
This area has suffered from tsunami in the past, and it was predicted that it might happen again in the near future. Therefore, I have decided to lift the building (housing part) composed of steel sheet above the ground level. As a result, the design of the building has come out looking like a floating vehicle.
The semi-public area in this house comprises a doma entrance (entrance area situated at the same level as the ground), drawing room and guest room with exposed structural steel sheet finishing. The area intended for family use; Living room, dining room and bedrooms, are painted in white. Bathroom and kitchen are located along a passage with wood finishing. The passage takes light and air from triangular clearstory windows. As one walks through the house, three spaces with contrastive characteristics appear sequentially.
The house consists of two parts: the floating residential part and the garage part wrapped in steel sheet. They are located around a patio and fulfilling an open space that’s slightly isolated from the surroundings.

Float House data

Project Title
Float House
Gobo-shi, Wakayama
Floor Area