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1/4 Circle House


1/4 Circle House

TThe project site is set on a slope with privileged view of Rokko-mountain and Osaka-bay. 9mm steel sheet with 20m in length takes the shape of a quarter circle with a radius of 6m, and the continuous wide window provides a panoramic view. This column-less continuous window was achieved by freeing the wall from the structure.
The entrance hall and the courtyard are paved using the same material, enhancing the spatial continuity of the space. The panoramic view is available not only from the indoor space but also from the courtyard. The courtyard is located at the center of the building so that circulation flows round the void. It also works as environmental device, which maintains the natural lighting and the ventilation.
This house accommodates a young married couple with a parent. They can share the panoramic view from the common living room and the kitchen, while the courtyard keeps them apart efficiently where privacy is required.
I intended to maintain the privacy and utility while trying to enhance the relationship between human and natural environment, which is an eternal task of urban living.

1/4 Circle House data

Project Title
1/4 Circle House
Hikarigaoka, Takarazuka
Floor Area